Commissioned art — portraits, favourite memories and special spaces

Lunch at Levity - original fine art by Lori Klassen

See your world through an artist's eyes

Commissions aren't for everyone. They are for trusting souls and for the daring. They are for people who delight in surprise and the unexpected. They are for people who are excited by the idea of having someone else make art with what's dear to them.

And in the case of Lori Klassen's commissions, they're for people who love oils or mixed media, because those are her preferred media.

Art makes a beautiful gift

Sometimes a photograph isn't exactly enough; sometimes you want brushstrokes and the softness a sensitive artist can bring to an image. Lori Klassen has painted family cottages for aging parents, a mother's trademark loafers, a wedding portrait of a couple on a bike, a favourite flower, a first car. A painting for your home, or for a loved one, makes the thing in the painting even more special, elevating it, honouring it.

Ideas for commissioned art:

If you might be interested in commissioning Lori, get in touch to start the conversation.

Erotic portraiture

Lori is a sensualist (and if you're interested in her work, you probably are too!). She likes the feel of paint and the mood of colour. She likes soft fabrics and light fragrances. Erotic portraiture is Lori's latest addition to her portfolio and one that has her inspired. It's not about sex, but about feeling sexual, vibrant, alive and beautiful. These are commissioned portraits of women. Sensitively and delicately painted, they are "erotic" as a woman would define the word. The subjects may be nude, or may be in a favourite heavy sweater. The portraits may show the whole body, or just the side of a face, or only the hands. Lori's work is about capturing the femininity, power and beauty of the woman she's painting.

What to expect in an erotic portraiture session

Leaving Emerald City - original fine art by Lori Klassen

It all begins with a free consultation by phone or e-mail with Lori (whichever you prefer). You'll discuss in detail what you're hoping to get out of the experience, what you'd like to see in the painting, what you're excited about and what frightens you, if there's anything holding you back. She'll tell you more about her process in detail and, if it feels like there's a fit, you'll schedule your "shoot day".

On the shoot day, you will either meet in Lori's studio or in your home – your choice. (If it's in your home, you'll want to be sure to clear an hour where there won't be any interruptions and you can really relax.) There will be time for one wardrobe change, if you like – so Lori may photograph you in two different outfits. If you would like to try a nude shoot, you may be completely unclothed or you may choose to drape yourself in fabric or a beautiful sheet or blanket. You could also wear lingerie or go fully clothed with a sumptuous ball gown. Whatever makes you feel most woman.

Lori will take reference photography to help her compose the painting. The session will take about an hour.

Four weeks later, if you live in Toronto or area, Lori will personally deliver your portrait. (If timing is tight, it may be possible to deliver sooner – just ask.)

Erotic portraiture makes an intimate and meaningful gift – either as the painting itself or as a gift certificate so a woman you love can have this experience of being seen and being shown her natural, intrinsic beauty.

Commissioned art pricing

The price of commissioned art varies depending on size and subject matter and ranges from $880 - $2,600. To give you an idea, the average 24" x 24" painting is $1,800. A 50% deposit is due on shoot day, with the remaining 50% payable at the time of delivery.

All paintings are completed on canvas or board with finished edges, ready for hanging. If you'd like Lori to recommend placement and hang your piece, the fee is $40 per item.

If you'd like a custom frame, Lori will bring frame samples and can provide an estimate for that additional charge (a basic black frame starts at $2.50 per inch).

Loving your commission

The magic of commissioned art is that it's unexpected. You can't know what exactly the artist will create. You choose her based on other work you've seen, her style and the connection you both feel. When you first see your work of art, you may fall madly in love... or not. It's okay. First reactions are rarely the last. That's the other bit of commission magic. It takes at least two weeks to form an opinion. You really have to live with your art. After two weeks, all praise and criticism are welcome.

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