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Could your life use more colour?

Custom wall and trim colour palette by Lori Klassen

The right paint colour palette can enhance the architectural details of a room. It can set a mood. You can make a space lighter, or cozier. You can choose colours that make you feel excited and alive, or serene and elegant. You hold a whole lot of power in that paintbrush of yours!

Toronto artist, muralist and professional colour consultant Lori Klassen brings her love of colour (from subtle to sensual to stunning) to every inch of wall, stucco, and brick she sees. Her professional paint colour consultation services are ideal for you if you:

How a paint colour consultation works

When you book your two-hour consultation, Lori will come to your home to see the space and to talk to you about what you love in décor and design and colour. You can have pictures of styles you like on hand, if you like - but no preparation on your part is necessary. You can wing it. Lori will assess all the fixed elements - things like countertops, the colour of the brick grout, your couch, or broadloom you don't plan on changing - to ensure the palette you choose together will complement what's existing.

She'll ask about your ideas. If you were thinking "green" or have a pillow you love the colours of, that's a perfect place to start. It's equally perfect if you don't have any ideas.

Lori will show you different colour combinations that could work in your space and you'll give feedback based on what you like and don't. You'll both keep playing until you find what feels exactly right. By the end of the consultation, you'll have paint chips in hand for whatever needs paint in your home. A consultation could cover a new colour scheme for your home's exterior, or for a kitchen or for an entire floor of your home. From trim to ceiling, you'll know exactly what colours you need and where each is to go.

Custom wall and trim colour palette by Lori Klassen

Paint colour consultation pricing

A two-hour consultation is $275 +13% HST. You can pay in cash, by cheque or by credit card. (Please note, extra charges may apply for locations outside the GTA.)

What others have said

Lori created a palette to bring out the character of our little 90-year-old semi prior to listing it. (I'm happy to say we sold well over asking.) A few months later, she created a palette to complement our new home, a charming 60-year-old bungalow. The spaces flow together seamlessly and our artwork & furniture pieces are perfectly highlighted. I can't tell you how many compliments we receive. It's a very comfortable and beautiful space. Lori is highly recommended! — Holly & Chris M., Toronto

In under two hours, Lori worked pure magic! We were confronted with a 50-year-old boring brick building, housing a very un-boring dance and family fitness studio. She managed to choose trim and panel colours that actually made the weathered grout and brick look beautiful and fresh, and a shade of green for the front doors that spoke to the youthful, creative, happy energy of the space inside. Very inviting! It was a pleasure bringing Lori to Pink Elephant's commercial clients! — Pink Elephant Communications, Toronto

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